Our Focus

VOLUTO® Is a female founded Australian brand which seeks to revolutionise the way you get ready.
We’ve created an innovative product which combines stylish luxury with effortless function – elevating your daily beauty routine like never before.
Our focus is to seamlessly integrate contemporary needs with the luxury you deserve.
We're always here to address any questions or concerns you might have, ensuring your 100% satisfaction.

Our Story

We were inspired to create our exclusive VASK™ after countless struggles with the same challenge when getting ready. We’re sure you can relate……your daily beauty routine is looking flawless, you’ve picked the perfect outfit…….but how to get dressed without smudging your makeup, getting product on your outfit, or even worse – having to stretch your favourite garment over your head to avoid disaster?
Enter the innovative, game changing VASK™. Designed by our passionate team to change the way you get ready. Say goodbye to makeup stains and flyaways!
Is the VASK™ perfect for the everyday person? Absolutely! In addition, it also serves as an ideal solution for business professionals, including photographers, models, makeup artists, dancers, and retail store owners. Save yourself from hefty dry cleaning expenses and the need for replacing ruined garments.

Our Values

Here at VOLUTO® we are passionate believers in doing our part to reduce overconsumption. We are committed to using less, which is why we use recycled packaging, limit our product releases and only offer products that can be utilised multiple times, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

Our suppliers source 100% mulberry silk for our VASK™. Not only is it the highest quality silk available with a premium lightweight feel, it contains amino acid strings which have the same pH levels as your skin — rendering our products appropriate even for sensitive skin.

Authentic & Innovative

Don’t be misled by copycat products – the VOLUTO® team have spent years testing and finessing our VASK™ to ensure its innovative functionality and premium quality. Creating a luxurious alternative that addresses some of life’s daily challenges faced by many individuals.*
Our unique patented design and commitment to quality means you can be confident you’re using the very best product for your skin and hair.