Pickup and Landing Details of the Helicopter Tour Over the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is not just about flying on a helicopter on a weekend or trip. It’s about discovering the landmark and other points that are present on the route to the Canyon like the Lake Mead, Mojave Desert, Hoover Dam, Colorado River, ancient Boulder City, and other amazing things. The passengers can get in the full party mood and sip into some beverages like wine, champagne or other drinks and some snacks. It seems to be a small picnic at a high altitude, full of thrill and enjoyment in the lap of nature.


Facilities offered to the tourists during the helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon

The facilities that the travelers can afford on booking this helicopter tour to explore the Canyon is as follows:

  1. Pickup and Drop facilities-The agencies dealing with these helicopter rides provide the best experiences to their customers from the beginning of the tour. They send luxury cars for picking up the travelers at the start of the day and also drop them off to their respective hotels after the end of the Grand Canyon helicopter tour. The transportation is normally a shared one; however one can book personal cars by paying additional fees.
  2. Views of different places in the tour-while flying to the Grand Canyon passengers can view some of the amazing beauties of nature like the Hoover Dam, Mead Lake, the Boulder City, the Colorado River, and the Mojave Desert. These points look fantastic from a high altitude.
  3. Guidance during the flight-The passengers are guided by the pilot through his or her commentary in the helicopter. The passengers can also enjoy music while flying. The commentary and music are combined and set so that passengers can listen to both. The flight is equipped with multiple language narration hence making multilingual communication between the travelers and pilot possible. This ensures that everyone understands what the pilot says and can enjoy the maximum benefit from the flight.
  4. Servings offered inside flight-The travelers are offered champagne and other drinks and light snacks inside the flight or when they land on the feet of the Grand Canyon. The meals served are delicious which increases the excitement of passengers inside the flight. The meals offered are given inside a basket. Each passenger is provided with his or her separate basket as that they can eat it according to their choice. It feels like a picnic and enhances the mood of the customers who are onboard and are ready to fly to the Grand Canyon.

The tourist generally opts for hotel pickups while booking for their helicopter ride with the agencies. They want to start their enjoyment right from the beginning of the day. This facility is available with most of the agencies and even offered as complimentary along with the helicopter ride. The travelers are picked up and dropped at a lounge which is beautifully designed for the passengers to relax and get ready for their lifetime special ride.

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