The Best Way To Go About Cleaning Your Glass Bongs So That You Are Not Breathing In Any Nasties


There is a lot of talk in this day and age about the different types of chemicals that are found in different products (especially beauty products). Because of this, people are trying to take their health into their own hands by avoiding as many things that could potentially harm them. For instance, there are many people out there who are taking measures to try to protect themselves from 5G radiation.

Then there are others who only eat food that is organic or that is grass fed instead of grain fed. On top of this, people only want to eat meat that is free range as the chances are increased that the animal was more healthy. Furthermore, people will try to only use products that are natural and that are free from things such as fragrances. What these same people may not realise is that they also need to be cautious about the things that they are breathing in, and so here is the best way to go about cleansing your glass bongs so that you are not breathing in any nasties.


One of the best ways to go about cleaning your glass bongs so that you are not breathing in any nasties is to soak them in natural soap and water

man smoking through a bong

What will often stop people from going about cleaning their glass bongs on a regular basis is that they do not want to use soaps that are filled to brim with chemicals. The great news is that there are loads of different natural soaps on the market these days such as castile soap. These means that people are able to soak their paraphernalia without worrying that any chemicals will be used.

Having said this, glass is not known to be very porous so people don’t need to be as concerned about this as they would need to be if they were using a plastic variant. Products such as castile soap can usually be found in local health food shops or can easily be found online. All of this will help ensure that people are not breathing in a build up of tar which may potentially be harmful to the body.


Another great way to go about cleaning your glass bongs so that you are not breathing in any nasties is to heat them up and then wipe them with a damp cotton pad

What some people out there may not realise is that a great way to get stubborn muck off their glass bongs that they cannot seem to get off with natural soapy water is to heat them up again. People are able to burn a lighter around the surface while using tweezers to hold a damp cotton pad and brush this around the inside. It may take a couple of turns for people to get all of the substrate off but often this is the best way to go about it.

For those who really like to be thorough, they are then able to go about soaking their items in natural soapy water after they have done this. When people go through this process on a regular basis, they are then able to have peace of mind that they are not breathing in any nasties that might be potentially harmful to their lungs. As this is so important to people, especially those who might already have pre-existing conditions, it can be a great idea to put a regular cleaning date in one’s calendar so that they never forget.

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