Top Advantages and Disadvantages of using E-Cigarettes

Vaping has become the coolest thing a youngster can do, and e-cigarettes are rapidly becoming the topmost gadgets of addiction. Technology is changing and developing in the 21st┬ácentury in lightning speed, and so are the forms of addiction. Earlier tobacco was chewed and then smoked, and now it’s being vaped. While traditional cigarette-smoking still remains largely rampant, e-cigarettes and the concept of vaping are fast emerging as threatening competitors of the rolled-cigarette industry. While both are forms of toxins causing an unimaginable number of deaths, humanity needs its poison to survive. Here we have listed some of the major pros and cons of e-cigarettes from the best e liquid suppliers.



  1. A good way to stop smoking

E-cigarettes, also more commonly known as vapes, do not have tobacco. They have, what we call, e-liquid which has traces of nicotine, some chemicals, and some flavors. Thus, if one compares it to traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes, the toxicity level differs astronomically. In fact, these electronic gadgets of smoking have approximately 5% of toxins that are found in tobacco cigarettes.

  1. Fire Safety

Over 20% of fire disasters and accidents are caused by burning cigarettes. Left alight carelessly, burning cigarettes are a real safety hazard that can be potentially catastrophic. Using vapes eliminates this particular problem. As these devices are electrical and do not need a flame, thus safety parameters are more desirable and hence widely used.

  1. Odor-free and cheaper prices

How often have you been annoyed by a friend (who smokes) due to the smell of smoke that he carries with him? Well, this particular ailment is reduced by the use of e-cigarettes. Compared to tobacco cigarettes, vapes have a next to no odor when used for a long period of time. Add to that the comparatively cheaper prices, vapes make for a better form of recreation than tobacco.


  1. Addiction in Non-Smokers.

While e-cigarettes do reduce the addiction level of people who are previously used to rolled cigarettes, it does not completely remove it. Moreover, when people with no prior addiction use vapes, they end up having an addiction to nicotine although in lower amounts.

  1. No concrete proof of Safety

While most people believe that e-cigarettes are quite harmless and the best alternative for smoking, it has not been thoroughly proved that they are as healthy as we think. In fact, many health organizations such as WHO and other medical professionals have maintained an ambiguous opinion about vaping and are not sure if they are totally harmless.

  1. Chemical Composition

While the chemicals present in the liquid of e-cigarettes are not harmful by themselves, some studies have shown that when these chemicals react with the metal body of the vape, it can create certain harmful products that could severely affect the users.

Besides the obvious harmfulness of all devices that cause addiction, these electronic vaping units have other minute disadvantages as well. But it is a substantiated fact that vaping causes considerably less damage than smoking.

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