What Are The Benefits Of Going On Professional Safari Guide Courses?


Are you looking for a new and exciting career that will take you overseas, place you in an exotic environment and entrust you with leading others on safe adventures? Going on a professional safari guide course could be the perfect next step you take in landing the dream job that’s going to keep you engaged and fulfilled for a long time.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of switching up your career and going on professional safari guide courses.


Become a rare expert

Needless to say, being a tour leader for this part of the world is relatively niche and will set you up as one of a small group of people on the planet who can be trusted to lead others through areas that can be inhospitable or dangerous to human life. For the average tourist, you are going to be the first person they go with questions about the plants, animals and landscape that you will have the authority and background knowledge to answer for them.

This also means you may be in high-demand in other areas of your life if and when you choose to retire. Being an expert who has worked in that part of the world gives you a depth of expertise that people will flock to you to get a taste of.


Build character

Needless to say – safari guide courses are an excellent character-building experience as they put you in a situation that will test your endurance and willpower. Nothing says you’re an interesting and charismatic group leader like having a background in adventure tourism.

Since this type of excursion is so popular, you will also meet a tonne of interesting characters whose experience will rub off on you. Basically, you will get all the benefits that being immersed in this lifestyle will give to anyone.


Work with lions, elephants, rhinos and more!

The biggest and most obvious benefit of safari guide courses is that they allow you work with some of the planet’s most beautiful, elusive and (unfortunately) rare species of animals. Your job is all about facilitating a safe and sustainable tourist experience where they can observe the animals ‘doing their thing’ in natural surroundings rather than in a zoo enclosure.

You are entering their world, which is wild and dangerous for the unprepared. While the lions are mesmerising, your job is to ensure everyone (including said lions) are kept safe. Sometimes animals (like giraffes) will wander up to tourists and investigate them, leading to some hilarious encounters.

Safari guide courses give you all of the training you need make these excursions as exciting and as safe as possible for everyone involved. All wild animals can be unpredictable, and it might not take much for a friendly encounter to turn into a violent or perhaps deadly one.


Staying fit and healthy

Another secondary benefit of pursuing safari guide course is the fact that it is a very physically demanding and active career. This means that you wouldn’t be able to stay unfit even you tried since your everyday work activities are going to have you out and about almost constantly.

A safari guide course can also be really great for your mental health as the sense of purpose and direction it gives you is extraordinary. Being respected and relied upon is going to be a confidence boost for anyone.

There you have it, a few of the main benefits of engaging safari guide courses as your next career move.



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