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Silk Hair Turban

Silk Hair Turban

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Tired of waking up to hair full of friction?

Try the Voluto® turban, it’s double-lined and made from 100% mulberry silk to enjoy your bedtime routine like never before. 

Find comfort knowing that the Voluto® turban has been designed with the highest quality silk on the inside and outside so your hair can soak up all the benefits.

Completed with an elegant twist at the front to suit a diverse range of head sizes.

Wearing this at night aids hair regrowth and prevents products from being absorbed by the pillow itself. It’s available in black with more colours coming available online soon

 PRE-ORDER estimated to ship in 4 weeks.

    • O/S, non-adjustable.
    • Combats dryness.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • This set includes: 1 x black turban.


Will my makeup transfer onto the VASK™ rather than my clothing? 

No, due to the headband holding the VASK™ in place, it ensures a comfortable and sturdy fit, giving the VASK™ no opportunity to move as the process is so fast and the silk is very lightweight.

How many times can the VASK™ be washed? 

With proper care during washing, our exclusive VASK™ remains in excellent condition. During initial trials, it has consistently met our expectations.

Will there be other colours/designs? 

YES! We're all about embracing creativity, so give us the scoop on what tickles your fancy and we'll do our utmost to deliver it!

I have a big/small head, will this still fit me? 

The headband component of VASK™ is incredibly flexible, allowing you to adjust its position higher or lower to accommodate your individual shape. Should you find that it doesn't fit comfortably, please inform us, and we'll work to find a suitable solution for you.

Can I share the VASK™ with my friends?

Of course! Providing it is washed
frequently. As it does sit on the face for a short amount of time, we recommend washing at least 2-3 times a week if you use it daily. 


All orders will be shipped via Australia post within 48 business hours of your order being made.

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